World Willis Federation ... Rest in Peace

I said, Are You Ready!?!? Then, for the thousands in attendance, the millions watching at home ... and you five fat foolish jabrones who dare stand in the way of willis ... LLLLLETS GET READY TO CHUCK ITTTT!!!!

Let the festivities begin...

The 4th Chamber 27214  52
World Willis Federation 1856  29
The opening day matchup had trouble written all over it from the very beginning. The WWF knew that they would be facing a very tough opponent and to add to the misery, the flu bug decided to feast on the willises. This combined with off season rust and unfamiliarity with team members spelled doom for the WWF. The Willises kept it close for a half trailing by just 9 at the break but the Willis energy had been spent as the 4th Chamber started the second half on a huge run. All in all, this game was a wash and didn't even feel like the season had begun. So the WWF had spotted the league a game, big deal, its a long season.

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  • That's Cool We're Friends 21127  40
    World Willis Federation 22127  41
    A must-win game for the WWF. A loss here and Willis would have their backs to the wall. A healthy and full squad this time as Willis took on the imposing Friends. It would be a battle of WWF speed and finesse against the Friends' brawn and size. An epic confrontation that would go down to the buzzer. An intense rivalry that would culminate in yet another classic episode written into willis history. A tight game throughout as both teams played to their strengths. The beauty of Willis-Style Ball returned as the transition game was run to graceful perfection. The game went back and forth throughout with numerous lead changes. On occassion, it looked like the WWF was ready to pull away but the physical play of the Friends would not allow a sustainable run. The tension filled battle would continue as both sides made some clutch shots with the Friends quietly coming back to take a one point lead with under a minute to go. Unfamiliar territory for the willises but they would not be scared away as a stunning fast break willis hoop would reclaim the lead for them at 41-40 with 30 seconds to go. The Friends would not go away but the WWF defense was ready for the challenge, setting up the final frenzied gut-wrenching finish.

    A mad chaotic scramble with 10 seconds to go thrilled millions as bodies flew everywhere. But there were still 3 seconds left for the friends. In what seemed like the longest three seconds in the history of the universe, the friends got off a great-look, 3 point straightaway shot as the buzzer sounded. The ball glided through the air as the world held its breath ... CLANK!! The game was over, the WWF had won this heart-stopping thriller. A total team effort had broken the 'harts' of the Friends. Willis had persevered and emerged victorious in a game for the ages to even their record at 1-1. They'll be talkin bout this one for a long time to come.

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  • Post-Game Press Conference

  • SAE 24910  43
    World Willis Federation 22155  42*(see note)
    An intense game with an extremely controversial finish as the WWF came out victorious despite being officially outscored. Weird to say the least.

  • Regis and Kathie Lee World Report

  • World Willis Federation 121112  35
    Bricklayers 242713  64
    Shorthanded again, WWF listless.

  • Regis and Kathie Lee World Report

  • World Willis Federation 27153  45
    Pi Lam 15207  42
    With everything on the line, WWF shines and clinches playoff berth.

  • Regis and Kathie Lee World Report

  • Season in Review

    The 4th Chamber won the division title with a 5-0 record followed closely by the Bricklayers at 4-1. The Friends and the WWF rounded out the playoff qualifiers with 3-2 records. The WWF played the toughest schedule of any team in the division facing the other 3 teams that eventually made the playoffs. Heading into the playoffs, the WWF drew the 16th seed in the South regional and will face off against the Devils in a first round game. Look for the WWF to have an easy time as they will be at 100% for the first time in a long time.

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