World Willis Federation ... Rest in Peace

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Binghamton University proudly brings to you, it's soon-to-be IM champions of the wooooooorld..... the World Willis Federation!!

.... and if you're not down with the fact that the WWF will whoop your candy ass from pillar to post, we got two words for ya .... SUCK IT!!!

Hello fans and thank you for joining us for what should be an action packed season. This season, the willises return with some WWF Attitude. Although some older willises have drifted to other organizations, the team has returned strong, WWF style. So know your damn role and navigate through this site because this Willis team is ... the most electrifying team in sports today if you smmelllll what the rock is cookin'. Oh yeah, and Willis sure knows how to put the rock in the hole.

An uncertain outlook as new faces are blended with the mainstays. But one thing shall never Willis stray from and that is to continue to lay the smack down on everyone willis-style. Oh hell yeah. Want a piece of this WWF Attitude? ... COME GET SOME.

So listen up, the WWF will take no prisoners. The WWF will, owww, have no mercy. To anyone who dare stand in our path, the WWF sentences you to eternal damnation because I am the grim reaper of wayward souls ... REST .. IN .. PEACE.

Oh one more thing, have a nice day :)

  • The Season in Review

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